Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0 – B028 发布(提供下载链接)

这个更新的速度,还真是有点小小惊人。但据说,事实是因为 Desktop Manager 4.7 与最新的那个 Verizon Blackberry Tour 9630 存在不兼容问题。并且,事实上,Verizon Blackberry Tour 9630 自带的安装光盘中就已是 Desktop Manager 5.x 了。Verizon 的人说,Verizon Blackberry Tour 9630 的用户:“You need Desktop Manager 5.0 for the Tour. It’s 4.7 device software. 5.0 is for the Desktop Manager.”这话很蹊跷,可这就够了。也很明显。此次更新也只有更新了 Desktop Manager 而已。Device Manager 还是 4.7。话不多说了,多说无益。


多国语言版 :

Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0 B028 (With Media Manager) 下载链接 (307M):

Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0 B028 (Without Media Manager) 下载链接 (121M):

英文版(好像还欠了一个带 Media Manager 的英文版,慢点补上):

Blackberry Desktop Manager 5.0 B028 (Without Media Manager) 下载链接 (85M):

BlackBerry USB and Modem Drivers 英文版 (DM5.0b28):

Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 更新 – B059 发布(提供下载链接)

去年十一月的时候,我上传的是 Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 B050 版本。无意中发现 4 月 23 日更新了。。更新到 B059 了。


多国语言版 :

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Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 B059 (With Media Manager) 下载链接 (212M):

Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 B059 (Without Media Manager) 下载链接 (81M):

Blackberry Desktop Manager 软件发现安全漏洞

CERT/CC 发现安装了包含 Roxio Media Manger 的 Desktop Manager 软件的电脑,由于一名为 DWUpdateService 的 ActiveX Control 可能存在漏洞,使得在安装了 4.2.2  至 4.7 版本的 Blackberry Desktop Manager (含 Media Manager )在访问一些恶意站点是可能会被感染。(如果您没有安装 Media Manager 目前为止可能还是安全的)RIM 已经开了相应的 Ticket (SDR234293) 与 Sonic 一起进行进一步调查,但 RIM 仍然建议大家通过以下步骤检查自己的电脑时候已经被感染,并下载最新的更新进行安装。

  • 浏览至安装了 Blackberry Desktop Manager 的电脑至:C:\Program Files\Common Files\InstallShield\UpdateService\agent.exe;
  • 右键 agent.exe 查看属性;
  • 查看文件版本( XP 电脑移至第二个选项卡 Version 或者版本; Vista 的电脑移至 Details 的选项卡),若文件版本为 或者更低即被感染,可以通过升级软件来修复。

如果你电脑中的 agent.exe 已经被感染,你可以通过升级 Blackberry Desktop Manager 来修复该问题。

注意:你可以安装的版本最低为 4.5 ,以保证不被感染。要安装 4.7(目前 DM 最高版本),可以参考Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 发布(提供下载链接)

如果你不想升级软件,可以通过安装来自第三方软件供应商 Acresso™ 的补丁程序 FLEXNet® Connect patch 进行修复。

Blackberry Desktop Manager 下载链接(请选择 4.5 4.6 或者 4.7 进行下载): (注意:中国的 IP 可能无法下载)


更多消息参考:Updating an ActiveX control that the Roxio Media Manager uses

Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 发布(提供下载链接)

Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 发布了( 11 月 17 日),从4.3 到  4.5,我跳过了 4.6 到 4.7 的跨越速度是神勇的~ 只是这过程中到底更新了啥对我来说概念太模糊了~

至于中国 IP 在 下载区被全面禁止,本人已经感觉淡了…我们关人家,人家关我们,情理之中常理之中~

想要的同学自己下载吧,我上传到 live-share 了,多国语言版本的,有包含 Media Manager 和不包含的两个版本安装包。如果你没有使用什么超级多媒体的 BB 的话,本人也不推荐您使用前者了,下载起来又大,安装起来时间又久,打开速度又超级慢,又会加载 N 多内容至 Startup ~

Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 B050 ( With Media Manager ) 下载链接(303MB):

Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 B050 ( Without Media Manager ) 下载链接(114MB):

更新:可移步至 Blackberry Desktop Manager 4.7 更新 – B059 发布(提供下载链接)下载最新版本。 Updated at 2009.04.29

Can we drive away JVM 523 from our Blackberry Handheld?!

I am almost die…Never want to hear any JVM 523 were coming back…

People always don’t want to assume those definitely known issues. Then that’s what/why drive them saying it is OUTLOOK sync enabled simultaneously with Lotus Notes sync, which cause the issue. From my own stand, I do not think it is the key. The Tasks Sync enabled for MS OUTLOOK, made the wireless sync option even disappeared from device Tasks options. And we also fully know it is doing everything locally with PC MS OUTLOOK saying TASKS sync, rather than any wireless redirection or consistency check…

People who ever got their JVM 523, may or must have saw this KB from RIM:


[转自LiveSino] 黑莓版 Windows Live Messenger

我们5月份的时候介绍过 微软今夏将推出 RIM 黑莓版 Windows Live Hotmail, MessengerMessenger Stuff 发现黑莓版的 Windows Live Messenger 已经可以通过黑莓官方站点的链接下载。

Blackberry Live Messenger

Windows Live Messenger for Blackberry 下载链接:


LiveSide:Windows Live Messenger For BlackBerry

本文来自 LiveSino:黑莓版 Windows Live Messenger

RIM Issues Fix for Blackberry PDF Bug

July 18, 2008 • by Jabulani Leffall
Research in Motion Ltd., maker of the popular BlackBerry handset, on Friday issued a patch to plug a vulnerability in its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) solution. The vulnerability could allow hackers to enter into a network via a maliciously crafted PDF file.

The hotfix was distributed via a cluster of updates to BES systems. It’s designed to remedy a bug in the PDF distiller function of BlackBerry’s attachment mechanism, which enables users to open up documents from the mobile device.

The exploit enabled a remote code execution attack if the user opened up corrupt Adobe or other PDF-type files.

Research in Motion’s advisory proposes that network administrators working within a Windows enterprise environment update to BES Version 4.1, Service Pack 6 for Microsoft’s Exchange Server.

Using the new patch is much safer than relying on workarounds, according to one network security expert reacting to the news. For instance, relying on updating the BlackBerry Unite software — an application that can be loaded onto the handset to detect and clean potentially infected files — isn’t the most optimal solution.

“It looks like they [Research in Motion] may have solved the problem for now by what they did [on Friday] because it’s very tricky to sanitize these files on the client side,” said Kevin Gillis, vice president of product management for IPswitch, a network monitoring, file transfer and messaging software firm in Lexington, Mass. “It’s much better to do it on the server side so that the carrier-class scanner is more effective in this case.”

Gillis added that the bigger issue now for companies will be reacting to the downtime that may have been caused by putting a temporary moratorium on sending PDFs via the handset, as some enterprises may have done while awaiting the patch.

“You have people sending presentations, graphs and charts all the time over these phones and while the problem is serious enough to wipe out the devices’ whole memory storage, I think this is a reminder of why disaster recovery solutions and best practices are important too,” he said.