Microsoft Roundtable

image0 Microsoft Roundtable 能够提供360度视角会议室的视频效果以及极高品质的音频效果,在会议中,摄像头在多方交谈过程中跟随多个话筒发言方切换视角,协同 Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 或者 Microsoft Office Live Meeting 2007 一起使用,能够给参与多方视频会议的人提供相当好的与会体验。

Microsoft Roundtable 可以给提供以下功能:

  • Fully engage all participants in remote meetings. With its 360-degree camera and software that tracks the active speaker in meetings in real time, RoundTable enables remote meeting participants to converse and share information as if they were physically in the same room.
  • Make remote collaboration easy. RoundTable plug-and-play functionality and full integration with Office Live Meeting make setup and use simple.
  • Transform meetings into corporate assets. With RoundTable and Office Live Meeting, users can record meeting content for later use with one click. Users reviewing the content can at some later time see complete audio, video, and shared content, which enables them to fast-forward or rewind through the meeting on-demand.
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    Nokia 选择 Microsoft Online 服务?!

    logo_nokia_115_40_1 Steven Elop 在今天 Worldwide Partner Conference 的演讲中很快的提到了这一消息,Mary-Jo Foley 也没有针对这一话题做任何评论,无论这一消息是否已经正式公开,Nokia 同 Coco Cola、Eddie Bauer 以及 A.P. Moeller-Maersk 集团一起,都选择了微软的在线产品服务,不得不说是微软在线服务赢得的又一“大客户”。

    现在,Nokia 移动通信设备可以通过 ActiveSync 连接PC 终端,最终连接至云存储数据中心的 Exchange 服务器,真正做到 Connectiong People…. 😛

    原文链接:Nokia Chooses Microsoft Online

    更多内容,还可以参考微软最新发布的关于给予网络的 Messaging 和 Collaboration 服务的定价以及企业合作模式

    Imagine Cup 2008 圆满结束

    IC08_Logo_reversed_2首先要恭喜我们的朋友 Long Zheng 以及他的团队:来自澳大利亚的 SOAK Team 获得了 Software Design 的冠军。 😀

    本次的 Imagine Cup 由来自100多个国家和地区的超过20万名学生报名参赛,最后由来自61个国家和地区的370名参赛学生组成了124个队伍,进行9个项目的冠军争夺赛(分别是 Software Design, Embedded Development, Game Development, “Project Hoshimi” (Programming Battle), IT Challenge, Algorithm, Photography, Short Film 和 Interface Design)。