Peering Into Microsoft’s Cloud

The Connected OS – Live Mesh??

Live Mesh Universe

The Software Stack — I.T. 2.0??

Increase the agility of IT — agility in deployment, agility in management, deploying and scaling IT systems in just minutes or hours that might have taken in the past weeks or months to get up and running..


Developers, Developers, Cloud App Developers

many business ISVs and many VARs will be looking to move their applications and solutions to the cloud provide them with the platforms and the tools to make this transition

Web developers — you can just look out there right now — are extremely pragmatic. They’re very, very pragmatic. If something works for them and solves a problem, they’re just going to use it.

the best way to run what they’re trying to do is on our infrastructure.

FAM08 2

Cloud Datacenters To Run It All

it’s the same datacenters that host Search and our MSN apps and our Windows Live apps, Office Live apps.

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